One-and-only formula


The "Golden Formula": Unique and Carefully Conceived

All carotenoids in SUPER LUTEIN are from natural sources carefully selected and based on their distribution in foods. The major advantage of SUPER LUTEIN over any other product containing Lutein is the combination of 6 carotenoids with DHA in a proprietary formula that also includes anthocyanin extracted from various berries including blackcurrent and bilberry extracts, Vitamin E, and Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12.

Lutein + Zeaxanthin

Lutein by itself is found in the skin and retina of the eye; however, lutein and its coexisting molecule, zeaxanthin, are the predominant antioxidant pigments in the macula. Together they block UV rays and blue light from reaching underlying structures in the retina, thereby reducing the risk of light-induced oxidative damage that can lead to macular degeneration. They also work in combination with other antioxidants to neutralize free radicals produced by oxidation.

Lutein + Zeaxanthin + Anthocyanin (blackcurrant extract)

This triple combination contributes to providing the nutrition required by the eyes to maintain good vision, while anthocyanin by itself is known to contribute to improving blood circulation.

Lutein + DHA

DHA alone is said to improve blood circulation, reduce bad cholesterol count, support brain development and protect the ophthamalic nerve. The combination of lutein and DHA has been found in breast milk, which is said to contribute to infant eye, brain and cognitive development.

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