Main Ingredient - Lutein

African Marigold African Marigold

Lutein is a xanthophyll, a naturally occurring antioxidative carotenoid synthesized in leafy plants like kale and spinach. In the body, it’s found in the skin, but is largely present in the retina where it works to protect the eyes by diffusing vision-damaging UV rays and blue light. Since the body doesn’t produce it, lutein must be ingested to replenish amounts consumed by the protective mechanisms in your eyes and other areas of the body.

FloraGLO™ Lutein is the most clinically researched lutein brand worldwide*1. It is clinically proven to be absorbed by the body and increase macular pigment*2. Marigold oleoresin, the raw material for FloraGLO™ Lutein, is original lutein derived from dried petals of African marigolds. It is then processed using a proprietary manufacturing process, which involves removing fatty acids from lutein esters to obtain free lutein in crystal form, and the subsequent drying and screening processes which produce high-purity and high-quality FloraGLO™ Lutein.

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