AURAGE - Overview


A Heritage from the Primordial Forest

Within the depths of luxurious tropical jungles teeming with lush trees and the wintry forests of coniferous trees growing on frozen soil, exists vigorous life forces that defy the passage of time.

Since ancient times, the Cat’s Claw Vine has been helping people out of their predicaments existing within the hinterlands of the Amazon cut off from civilization. While in areas of severe cold, where it was difficult to obtain fresh food, fruit berries became precious source of nutrients in supporting human life.

In the pursuit of beauty that shines, [AURAGE] has selected, from among over 500 thousand types of plants on Earth, those that are highly valued by the strong and independent native inhabitants of the "primordial forest" in the tropical and Arctic Circle regions.

These plants that have evolved special and robust capabilities to survive in harsh environments have indomitable life force. If only this could be projected in the beauty of every woman who stands against the passage of time. Ageing care※ [AURAGE] has rendered the benefits of these resilient plants to bring out the aura of beauty in you.

AURAGE design philosophy : The magical 「A」

The magic of beauty in AURAGE is represented through the motif of the letter 「A」which can be found in the golden AURAGE logo; it is the first word in AURA and also the first letter in the alphabet that represents the beginning.

The Tip of the letter「A」is used as the central axis emitting the golden aura of 360°.

The design also symbolised the power glimmered by the magic wand.

Experience the magic of beauty everytime you uses the product.

※ Refers to skin care appropriate to one's age.