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The leading product of Naturally Plus

S. LUTEIN BILBERRY PINE BARK PLUS is the name of this leading product. The name is derived from the combination of S. LUTEIN – the product synonymous with Naturally Plus – and Mirtogenol ®, the ingredient with international patent ※.

Both the ingredient and its quality are befitting of a leading product.

A new legend is born. Behold S. LUTEIN BILBERRY PINE BARK PLUS.

S. LUTEIN contains a well-balanced combination of 6 carotenoids found in brightly coloured vegetables. Over the years, it has been well-loved by customers, and has grown into a brand representative of Naturally Plus.

Is it possible to find an ingredient that enhances the strengths of S. LUTEIN and at the same time, add new value to it?

Yes. After numerous tests and trials, we found our answer in Mirtogenol®. We combined S. LUTEIN ’s golden combination of carotenoids with Mirtogenol®, the ingredient that is granted patent ※ across 21 countries, and a new legend is born.

Naturally Plus is proud to present S. LUTEIN BILBERRY PINE BARK PLUS. Look forward to seeing every day in a positive light with Naturally Plus.

S. LUTEIN BILBERRY PINE BARK PLUS is also marketed as S. LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS in other countries.

※ According to the PCT international patent application system, a patent filed in a contracting state of the Patent Cooperation Treaty will be recognised across the contracting states.
* Mirtogenol® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research and Indena S.p.A.

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