Mirtogenol®: the ingredient with international patent

Mirtogenol® is an ingredient with international patent※ in 23 countries, made by combining French maritime pine bark extract Pycnogenol® and standardised bilberry extract Mirtoselect™. Their respective pioneers—Horphag Research of Switzerland and Indena of Italy—focused on the interaction between these two ingredients and jointly developed Mirtogenol®. Naturally Plus firmly believes in the potential of this ingredient. Therefore, the "Super Lutein Mirtoplus" was successfully developed.

※ According to the PCT international patent application system, a patent filed in a contracting state of the Patent Cooperation Treaty will be recognised across the contracting states.

A blend of 6 carotenoids and "Mirtogenol®"

The 6 carotenoids and "Mirtogenol®" have different properties. The fat-soluble ingredients, 6 carotenoids and the water-soluble "Mirtogenol®" come together to bring about greater satisfaction.

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