The golden formula of S. LUTEIN combined with Mirtogenol®

S. LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS wholly preserves the golden formula of S. LUTEIN - a blend of 6 carotenoids - to which Mirtogenol®, the renowned antioxidant is added.

By the combination of the two ingredients, “lutein” and “Mirtogenol®”…

Lutein and Mirtogenol® are both antioxidants but have different characteristics. The combination of fat-soluble lutein and water-soluble Mirtogenol® produces a synergy which boosts their antioxidant power to a whole new level.

Carotenoids are pigment compounds that are brightly coloured, such as in yellow, red and orange. They can be found in colourful vegetables and fruits that are good for health. Carotenoids are not produced in the human body and therefore must be consumed through vegetables, fruits and supplements. S. LUTEIN contains a well-balanced blend of 6 carotenoids, which makes up the golden formula. This golden formula is wholly preserved in the S. LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS formula, to which Mirtogenol®, the ingredient that has attained patent across 21 countries, is added.

※ According to the PCT international patent application system, a patent filed in a contracting state of the Patent Cooperation Treaty will be recognised across the contracting states.
* Mirtogenol® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research and Indena S.p.A.