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Illuminate your beauty, rediscover your vitality

It is everyone’s dream to maintain a healthy and radiant skin, to retain youthfulness and to tackle new challenges. AND, which stands for “Activate New Drink”, is a next generation functional drink in a bottle. Packed with carefully selected ingredients, this functional drink supplements your health and beauty needs. AND is designed for everyone who dreams of finding beauty and vitality from within; bringing you one step closer towards self-discovery, inspiring you to welcome each day with brand new confidence.

The enchantment of black and gold, premium content in a bottle

A modern and sophisticated premium drink based around the colours black and gold. The beauty of its unmatched quality is represented by the colour gold; the unshakeable burst of energy is expressed using the colour black. It is specially designed with both the modern women and confident men in mind.

The design on the bottle – shiny gold blocks rising from the bottom – depicts the image of one nurturing beauty from within. The blocks represent the essential elements of health and beauty, illustrating how one can be transformed with the AND.

The source of beauty and vitality derived from modern science

The Mother Earth has been nurturing and supporting life since a long, long time ago. It has been one billion years since the ancestors of mankind evolved from multicellular organisms.

Genes, which are also known as the blueprint of life, are inherited by descendants of living organisms, connecting the generations and this continues till present day.
In the process, not only human beings, all animals and plants have also undergone various evolutions while being exposed to climate changes and ultraviolet rays.

Amongst them, there are plants that have withstood the external threats from the harsh environment, and survived by storing various useful ingredients.

Especially the resilient berries that have survived since thousands of years ago, and the cat’s claw that has been used by the native inhabitants of the Amazon for a long time, are filled with rare and beneficial ingredients.

The wisdom of modern science accumulated by mankind, has been condensed in every bottle of the AND; not only to boost beauty and vitality, but also to fulfil the desire of living an enriching life, as well as to utilise the power of such plants.

AND supports your pursuit for beauty and vitality, as you live each day with positivity.

To learn more about AND, please download the Guidebook and flyer.
AND Guidebook - English (PDF)
AND Guidebook - 中文 (PDF)
AND Flyer - English (PDF)
AND Flyer - 中文 (PDF)

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