AURAGE - Overview


Rejuvenate Yourself

Rejuvenate and repair the accumulated damages to your skin for a youthful and radiant appearance. Gradually spreading into the deeper layer1 of the skin, AURAGE focuses on ageing damage2. This ageing-care3 product aims to delay the day-to-day damage from extending to the core of beauty, revealing true beauty from within.

Selecting only the most beneficial plants, with the combination of cutting-edge chemical technology, AURAGE is formulated to deeply infuse the epidermal layer with intensive ageing-care ingredients. The skin is left feeling radiant and revitalised, beginning its journey towards achieving the beauty of youthful appearance.

The Design Philosophy behind the AURAGE Logo – The Magic of “A” in AURAGE

The motif of the letter “A”, which can be found in the glittery gold AURAGE logo, symbolises the magic of beauty; it is the first letter of “AURA” in AURAGE, which is also the first letter of the alphabet, symbolising the beginning of everything.

Pivoting 360° around the tip of the letter “A” like an axis is the golden aura. The design also symbolises the power given off by a magic wand.

Experience the magic of beauty each time you use the product.

A Miracle from the Primordial Forest

Within the depths of luxurious tropical jungles teeming with lush trees, and the wintry forests of coniferous trees growing on frozen soil, vigorous life forces that defy the passage of time exist.

Since ancient times, the people who lived in the hinterlands of the Amazon and cut off from civilisation, have used Cat’s Claw Vine in life-threatening situations. While in areas of severe cold, where it was difficult to obtain fresh food, the fruit berries became precious source of nutrients in supporting human life.

In the pursuit of glowing beauty, AURAGE has selected from over 500 thousand types of plants on Earth, those that are highly valued by the strong and independent native inhabitants of the "primordial forest" in the tropical and Arctic Circle regions.

These plants have evolved to acquire special and robust capabilities in order to survive in the harsh environments, displaying indomitable life force. If only this could be projected in the beauty of every woman who stands against the passage of time. Ageing care1 product AURAGE has borrowed the power of these resilient plants to bring out the aura of beauty in you.

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※1 Epidermal layer
※2 Age-related damage
※3 Refers to skin care appropriate to one's age