LactoAir - Overview


"Face to Face" — Be a Breath of Fresh Air

We live in a day and age that values a favourable public image. Many people, regardless of age and gender, pay great attention to social etiquette. “LactoAir” is a supplement that focuses on delivering a positive “face-to-face” communication experience. It contains milk-derived ingredients “lactoferrin” and “lactoperoxidase” in a ratio close to that in the saliva. Simply pop the tablet in your mouth, and take care of your breath anytime, anywhere! Kickstart this great-tasting routine and leave a favourable impression when engaging in face-to-face communication!

Evidence-based ingredients

LactoAir contains a patented ingredient, <Orabarrier®>, which combines milk-derived components “lactoferrin” and “lactoperoxidase.” Its functionality has been proven by abundant evidence, receiving a lot of attention from those in the field of etiquette care.

Ensuring a sustainable daily routine

We practise good oral care every day. That is why we focused on ease of usage and making it delicious, ensuring that you can incorporate it into your daily routine without hassle.

Raising the awareness of good etiquette among active senior citizens

Today's seniors are active and socialise frequently despite their age; thus practising good oral care is essential. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the percentage of elderly people in the workforce is at an all-time high. Along with the changing times, seniors are becoming more involved in society and have more communication opportunities. In addition, it is not an overstatement to say that we are now in an era in which many generations are required to play an active role in society. This is even more so because the government advocates realizing a "society of 100-million active people."
Even with the widespread of convenient tools such as smartphones and personal computers, "face-to-face" communication will always remain the foundation of communication. We want to be conscious of this to make a good impression on those around us, regardless of age, without causing discomfort.

※ Patent No. 4203120

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