Naturally Plus is dedicated to constant development, evolving at a rapid pace, to deliver the very best to the world a step before the others. Ever since the launch in Japan, Naturally Plus has grown exponentially at an unprecedented speed. Entering the market with a single product, Super Lutein, Naturally Plus sold over 100 million USD on the third year from establishment. On the fifth year from establishment, the annual sales exceeded 300 million USD. It was only in 2007 that Naturally Plus introduced its second product, the hydrogen enriched water, Izumio. This product too became the number one seller from its launch. The lineup has now expanded to 15 products in both the nutritional and toiletry/cosmetics market. Besides increasing product options, Naturally Plus has expanded its market to include over 150 countries and regions all over the world.

April 2017
Opening of Ipoh Salon (Malaysia)
August 2015
Establishment of Naturally Plus (B) Sdn. Bhd. (Mukim Gadong, Brunei)
July 2015
June 2015
Opening of Surabaya Salon (Indonesia)
June 2015
Establishment of NATURALLYPLUS (PHILIPPINES) Inc. (Makati, Philippines)
February 2015
Opening of Yilan Salon (Taiwan)
January 2015
Opening of Europe Distribution Center (The Netherlands)
September 2014
Opening of Medan Salon (Indonesia)
June 2014
Establishment of NPUSA (United States)
March 2014
Opening of Zhongli Salon (Taiwan)
October 2013
Opening of Johor Bahru Salon (Malaysia)
September 2013
Establishment of Naturally Plus (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand)
July 2012
Opening of Tainan Salon (Taiwan)
January 2012
Official launch of Naturally Plus Global (NPGL)
July 2011
Establishment of PT. Naturally Plus Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia)
December 2010
Opening of Kota Kinabalu Salon (Sabah, Malaysia)
November 2010
Opening of Kuching Salon (Sarawak, Malaysia)
October 2010
Establishment of Naturally Plus Korea Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea)
July 2010
Redesign of IZUMIO packaging and product volume increase
December 2009
Establishment of Naturally Plus Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
November 2008
Establishment of Naturally Plus Direct Marketing Pte. Limited (Singapore)
September 2007
Establishment of Naturally Plus HongKong Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
April 2007
Launch of IZUMIO in Japan
July 2006
Opening of Kaohsiung Salon (Taiwan)
July 2005
Opening of Hokkaido and Fukuoka Salons (Japan)
June 2005
Opening of Taichung Salon (Taiwan)
April 2004
Establishment of Taiwan Naturally Plus Co., Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan)
April 2003
Opening of Osaka Salon (Osaka, Japan) 
March 1999
Establishment of Naturally Plus Co., Ltd. (Ariake, Tokyo) 
March 1999
Launch of SUPER LUTEIN in Japan