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What is "Hydrogen dissolution ratio"?

Hydrogen dissolution ratio refer to the concentration of hydrogen dissolved in water.

IZUMIO now gives you more hydrogen than before. With improved filling technology, the hydrogen dissolution ratio of IZUMIO is now among the highest in the industry.

IZUMIO boasts a hydrogen dissolution ratio of 3.3ppm †

Until recently, IZUMIO hydrogenized water was stored temporarily in a filling tank before being filled into aluminium film pouches. But with the implementation of an improved method, by which hydrogenized water is packaged immediately under high pressure without first passing through the filling tank, even the slightest escape of hydrogen gas can be prevented. This new method has made it possible to raise IZUMIO’s hydrogen dissolution ratio even higher.

† Average reading at point of filling.

*IZUMIO is limited to certain countries.
*The Best Before duration of IZUMIO (including gifts) is 9 months to 1 year. Shipped products are not available for return.

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