Switch on beauty and health with the new concept of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division ( + - × ÷ ).

"Purificar FIRE" is a new concept of "addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division (+ - × ÷)", which combines dietary fiber, lactic acid bacteria, enzymes, and active ingredients and makes you refreshed every day.

Co-developer Dr. Wong Yuqing

Doctor of Scientific Nutrition, graduated from Tokushima
University, Japan
Master of Scientific Nutrition, graduated from New York University, the United States of America (U.S.A.).

A registered dietitian nutritionist with the American Dietetic
Association. A dietitian nutritionist of U.S.A. hospitals. A dietitian nutritionist of the Republic of China. She has been teaching at Zhongshan Medical Science University since 1993. In addition to education and research, she also invests time in nutritional public-awareness activities aimed at raising the importance of nutrition.

A dietary fiber combination of 7.5g in one bag

Dietary fiber is closely followed by research institutions
around the world as a component compatible with good bacteria that are said to be strongly related to health. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has set a daily dietary fiber intake standard of 20g for male adults and 18g* for female adults, but there are many people who do not take near enough the required amount. "Purificar FIRE" can supplement 7.5g of dietary fiber in a single bag, so it is perfect for those who are busy and do not consume enough vegetables everyday. It enhances your beauty!

According to the "Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese People (2015 Edition)" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ingredients that support daily gut health and beauty in a unique recipe

It is vital to maintain the inner body health in order to stay beautiful and healthy. "Purificar FIRE" contains seven types of lactic acid bacteria and enzymes which provides gut health support from the inside. Active ingredients such as "Oligonol®", which has been widely used by athelets, and amino acids are formulated in a well-balanced combination to thoroughly meet your desire to become healthy, beautiful and energetic.

Patented in Taiwan*1 Easy to eat for both the elderly and children

Patented in Taiwan*1, advanced granular technology*2 allows the product to be easily mixed with drinks and foods, making it easy to be consumed by both elderly and children.

*1 Patented content: Dietary fiber granular formula
*2 Taiwanese patent number: No. M466660