Double-digit growth foreseen to continue

Specialty supplements industory

The global health and wellness market is estimated to be worth some US$ 240 billion and the nutritional supplement market alone is at US$140 billion.* Double-digit growth is anticipated to continue in the specialty supplements industry. Popular are products featuring ingredients that bring about benefits beyond those of normal nutrients, essential for maintaining overall health and/or if you are in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Today, Naturally Plus continues to grow and expand steadily in numbers and regions respectively.

* Source: Nutrition Business Journal

Healthier, happier lifestyles

Our global society is ageing; according to the United Nations World Population Prospects (UNWPP), the number of older persons – those aged 60 years or above are expected to more than double by 2050 and to more than triple by 2100. The population is expected to continue to age due to lower birth rates and longer life expectancies from improved healthcare. These changes have led to a greater awareness of the need to support healthy ageing and to maintain overall health. Our products are specially designed for specific health promotion objectives and contain nutrients essential for the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Financial stability

Changing economic conditions and other factors have many people concerned about their financial health, both current and future. But you can take control of it with our rewarding business model. Naturally Plus offers you an excellent opportunity: specially designed high quality products and the ability to build financial stability simply by sharing your experiences with people you care about.

Carefully conceived, designed and produced


Naturally Plus products are designed by scientific artisans for a special purpose: to maintain a healthy body and overall wellbeing. We want you to feel good, and look as good as you feel.
Each product is a masterpiece in itself, prepared infusing the Japanese traditions of “monotsukuri” (i.e., craftsmanship) and “wa” (i.e., harmony). Ingested, the ingredients work both alone and together synergistically to promote specific benefits and maintain overall health.

SUPER LUTEIN - Live life with clarity. Value your overall health

Containing 6 types of carotenoids, anthocyanin, vitamin E, DHA, and various other nutrients, SUPER LUTEIN is a nutritional supplement that helps you to achieve a nutritionally balanced diet. It is ideal for those who have difficulty fulfilling their daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

PARAMYLON ARX - Formulated with euglena with more paramylon than before!

All of the nutrition our bodies need enters through the intestines. Think of your body as a tree and your intestines as the roots. If the roots become blocked, nutrients can’t flow throughout the tree. Even when eating well, various toxins and other undesirable substances are entering your body through the foods you eat. Over time, those undesirables begin blocking pathways that carry nutrients into the body. This can pose health risks. PARAMYLON ARX is designed to synergistically support the digestive system and contribute to the maintenance of overall health.


Live Life Right… The Naturally Plus Way!

Live Life Right… The Naturally Plus Way!

The tagline says it all. Since establishment of the company in 1999, Naturally Plus has proven itself as a one of the leaders in the specialty supplements industry both in terms of innovative business model and unique products with high added value. The sales of SUPER LUTEIN, our first product, skyrocketed following excellent customer evaluations. Five years and a few products later, we opened our first salon overseas in 2004 and have been expanding globally ever since. Our products are now available to people in more than 150 countries and regions.

The Naturally Plus opportunity is specially designed to deliver stable results. People who use our products and participate in the business can find themselves rewarded with good health and personal wealth. Key to this is that our business model promotes development and prosperity not as an individual, but as a group; sharing dreams, achievements and happiness with friends and associates along the way, and working towards the same goals.
We are young. We are innovative. We are caring. And most of all, we are growing.
Join us today, and start living life right, the Naturally Plus way!

Business model specially designed for success!

Business model specially designed for success!

The Naturally Plus compensation plan is unique and is one of the highest pay-out plans in the industry. There are nine bonus programmes; six of them are based on pool-type compensation where members share in percentages of total global product sales. Since starting the company a little over a decade ago, over 180 members have reached millionaire status; that’s making over a million dollars a year.

We are quickly spreading around the world, and the force behind that movement is people like you. People who find our products and membership helpful in achieving a life of good health and personal wealth. Millions of people find our business model stable and rewarding! There’s no better time than now! Start today and get connected with our experienced business instructors. They’ll provide the knowledge and local information you need.