Using carotenoids derived from carefully selected brightly coloured vegetables, blended together harmoniously with the formula endorsed by Professor Frederick Khachik

Carotenoids, which are present in brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, support our overall health. These essential nutrients are not produced by the human body. Super Lutein contains 6 types of carotenoids that can be found in vegetables and fruits, blended using a formula endorsed by Professor Frederick Khachik. Now you can supplement your carotenoid intake easily. Furthermore, anthocyanin and DHA are added to support people with modern lifestyle in acquiring health.
Since its inception in 1999, Super Lutein has won the hearts of many and continues to be the flagship supplement of Naturally Plus.

Carotenoids are found abundantly in brightly coloured vegetables

Carotenoids are components necessary for photosynthesis in plants, and they are characterised by having bright pigments such as yellow, red and orange. To date, hundreds of plant carotenoids have been identified, of which about 50 types are present in dark green and deep yellow vegetables. Carotenoids are excellent for supporting overall health; different types of carotenoids have different colours, functions and roles.

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