Together we nurture
lifestyle of healthy living

Naturally Plus President - Takashi Tajima Ever since the establishment of Naturally Plus in 1999, our specially designed products have been passed from person to person through the sharing of their passion of helping others. Naturally Plus products are now being consumed in many countries around the world.

The foundation of the Naturally Plus success is based on the dedication towards developing a unique culture hand in hand with our Affiliates. Through collaboration and team work with the understanding that each one of us is unique with different talents and values, we can create synergy powerful beyond any individual.

Like an orchestra that are capable of bringing out the greatest color and character in individual instruments delivering melodies imbued with assonance, resonance, passion and intensity, Naturally Plus delivers the environment that nurtures lifestyle of co-existence and co-prosperity.
We strive daily to evolve and continuously develop so that we can bring continuous smiles to those all over the world. Join us on our mission and enjoy the fruits of a lifestyle of giving.

Naturally Plus President

Takashi Tajima

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