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Unparalleled products that virtually sell themselves Proven business model with stable rewards - two signs of an industry-leading organization -

At Naturally Plus, we’ve prepared a uniquely designed compensation plan and products created using one-and-only formulas to offer you a WIN-WIN situation in the fast-growing specialty supplements market. Based on the corporate mission, “Contributing to personal health and wealth by sharing our one-and-only formulas,” we’re changing the lives of millions one person at a time.

Only five years after introducing SUPER LUTEIN in the Japanese market in 1999, Naturally Plus went international in 2004, opening its first overseas branch in Taiwan. Revenues and distributor numbers grew exponentially and branches quickly opened in other countries. Our products are now being sold in more than 150 countries around the world. In 2012, we established Naturally Plus Global (NPGL), an advanced online shop offering various services to countries and regions where Naturally Plus has not yet established branches, enabling potential members to purchase our unparalleled products and obtain support for their business activities.

Yes, we are going global in a big way, and as we do, this is your chance too. Whether you want a product for personal use, or you’re looking for a way to supplement your income or maybe even change your career, please consider joining the tens of thousands of successful Naturally Plus distributors who have changed their lives and positively affected the lives of tens of thousands more. It’s a means of maintaining good health and growing personal wealth simply by sharing amazing products with family, friends and associates so that they too have the opportunity to receive the same: good health and personal wealth.

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