Come and join the celebration FESTA. The annual convention held in Japan invites over 10,000 dedicated members from all over the world to witness the accomplishments of distributors, developments of the year, unmatched entertainment, and first time announcements of new and exciting things to come. Enjoy the show with your friends, family, and team!


Taiwan is a major foreign location that is crucial to the global expansion plan of Naturally Plus. Holding its important mission, Naturally Plus Taiwan has successfully opened up new overseas markets and created an impressive record of resulting positive sales growth every year. Naturally Plus Taiwan has also provided vital experience for our products and business to expand globally. Thus, DASH, the annual convention hosted in Taiwan has a distinctive meaning, which allows members to learn from successful earners and gain insight into the global market development. If you would like to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and to start your business on a global scale, Taiwan’s DASH annual convention would be the key to your success and it is an event that you must not miss!


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