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Because of Naturally Plus, I got back my independence.

Two years and seven months after an incident when I was 57 which left me in a state of deep depression, I was sitting in a restaurant in Osaka and overheard the conversation of a family sitting at the table next to me. One of the women was sharing her experience with a particular supplement product. I was so intrigued that I couldn’t help but ask this total stranger, “What is this supplement you are talking about?” She replied, “It’s called SUPER LUTEIN. You can’t buy it in a regular store. You have to become a member of a company to get it.” Hearing how sincerely she talked about her experience, I’m certain my excitement showed as I immediately asked to register with the company, and that lady became my sponsor*.

* Sponsor is the person that first shares Naturally Plus products or the business opportunity with you. Naturally Plus products are sold exclusively through distributors and are NOT available in stores. Your sponsor will provide you with a detailed introduction of our products and opportunity.

Going to eat at that restaurant in Osaka was the most important day of my life! Since taking SUPER LUTEIN, my health improved and now I see everything in a brighter light.

I was elated and couldn’t help but share my SUPER LUTEIN experience with friends. Being 60, almost everyone I know is around the same age. It turned out that SUPER LUTEIN not only worked for me, it’s worked for them too. Just as I did, they begin sharing their experiences with their friends, and naturally the circle grew bigger and bigger.

As more and more people registered to buy the product as the result of me telling my story, I recognized that Naturally Plus automatically began paying me an income for sharing my experience. It was then that I realized that this could be a very nice business.

Of course, I wanted to visit the head office to confirm everything with my own eyes. It was just as I had imagined it would be: a well-founded company with friendly, professional staff. At that moment I made my mind up to make this my career, even though I was already 60 years old. One year later, I was making US$20,000 per month.

If I had not heard about the experience of that family at the table next to me, I would’ve never found out about SUPER LUTEIN, and may not have gotten the chance to lead the life I have today. I’m now 72 years old, and there are members even older than me. One that I know personally is 86. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, anyone can succeed with Naturally Plus.

You can do it in your free time or whenever, wherever you want to. It is as simple as sharing your story and collecting the points. There are no sales quotas, and it’s so fun that it doesn’t feel like working.

Today, I feel much healthier, can do what I want when I want, and have achieved a level of financial wealth I could never have believed possible at my age. More importantly, I have not only achieved material wealth, I am also rich in heart. If a person at my age can succeed, anyone can.

I now feel that it’s my duty to be a Naturally Plus ambassador. In 2012, one of the members invited me to visit Europe to share my experience in person. I accepted. Over a period of one month I visited France, UK, Scotland and Sweden giving seminars and participating in workshops. I’m an actual witness of the development of Naturally Plus, from a young company one decade ago to a global company reaching out to the world with its great products and its philanthropic corporate philosophy.

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