Upper Grand Bonus Qualifier

What's important about the business is that it is low-risk.

I’ve always been very critical about the environment and things I consume, including water. I spent countless hours researching mineral waters, etc. So I probably have much more knowledge about water than most people. I became curious about IZUMIO—a product recommended by an acquaintance—and took a careful look at the ingredients. What I discovered is that IZUMIO is not simply another beverage. It contains a high concentration of hydrogen; and hydrogen plays a key role in removing free radicals from the body.

Every minute, free radicals are produced inside our bodies as a result of extrinsic and intrinsic stresses, and our cells are then damaged by them. To sustain our health, these free radicals need to be removed continuously. That’s why hydrogen is indispensable for the human body. I also searched the keyword “hydrogen” on the Internet and was intrigued by stories like “Fountain of Lourdes miracle water healing people." In view of what had happened to me and the results obtained, I’m completely convinced by this theory and have continued to drink IZUMIO ever since.

As you might guess, I became a huge fan of Naturally Plus products and also started taking a recently launched product, PARAMYLON ARX. I heard that it was a special formula designed for the digestive system, and since I was troubled by constipation, I decided to try it. Again, I quickly recognized an improvement in the level of relief and added comfort to my life. I shared my experiences with the products with many friends.

Then, one day I was looking at my account and noticed that Naturally Plus had deposited money into it. That’s when it struck me that the company actually pays people for sharing their experiences with other people. I’m like a living commercial for them. As the amount grew and grew each day, I realized that these products virtually sell themselves, and that Naturally Plus offers an excellent business opportunity.

What's important about the business is that it is low-risk. There are hardly any liabilities, such as stocking products. All you need to do is share your experience and the company takes care of the rest. As I found out more about the compensation plan, I decided to seriously devote myself to the business in January 2009. Today, I receive the income of an average businessman, working when I want, where I want. I realized that if you truly love a product and love to share it, everything you have ever dreamt of, a nice house or car, can come true in the near future.

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