I’ve continued taking SUPER LUTEIN faithfully for nine years now, and I feel stronger than ever.

I recently celebrated my 79th birthday. I’m a pharmacist and have worked all my life researching and developing medicines for a major Japanese pharmaceutical company. I really love my job. The biggest achievement in my life was the creation of a very popular health drink supplement that is available in stores throughout Japan today.

Being a pharmacist, I had always been very careful about my health and food intake, including the use of supplements and their ingredients. I used to think that I was the healthiest person in world. But I wasn't...

The accounting auditor working for the pharmaceutical company recommended that I try SUPER LUTEIN. As I always do, I read the product information guidebook and carefully researched the ingredients written on the label. It seemed to be a very advanced formula with lots of nutrition, so I decided it was worth giving a try. I registered with the company, the auditor became my sponsor*, and Naturally Plus started delivering the product to me each month.

* Sponsor is the person that first shares Naturally Plus products or the business opportunity with you. Naturally Plus products are sold exclusively through distributors and are NOT available in stores. Your sponsor will provide you with a detailed introduction of our products and opportunity.

I’ve continued taking SUPER LUTEIN faithfully for nine years now, and I feel stronger than ever. A product this amazing deserves to be shared with as many people as possible. That is why I decided to devote myself to the Naturally Plus business.

Through Naturally Plus, I’ve met many people, made numerous friends and have had dinner and drinks with them from time to time over the years. My organization expanded naturally, and before long I noticed that besides sharing feelings and offering emotional support when needed, those people had become like family to me. Today, I have a bunch of true friends and a stable income. Thanks to Naturally Plus, my life has been enriched, both financially and mentally. From my experience, I want to tell people who happen to read this, "The most important thing about this business is to just keep doing it… Never give up. You can get health, wealth, or friends, or all of them!

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